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Are you an artist, craftsman, designer or manufacturer of American-made products? Then you can qualify to become a part of the American Robin Store brand. The American Robin Store (ARS) is an online store featuring authentic American brands like yours! ARS offers you the ability to have your own online store to sell your goods. Become a vendor of the American Robin Store today and your registration is absolutely FREE! You simply pay 5% on purchases made through the ARS website. Just click on the button below and start selling and earning on all your American made goods!

It’s Your Own Store and More!

When you become a vendor of the American Robin Store (ARS) you will receive FREE registration…it costs you nothing to join! You will have access to your own online store to sell under the authentication of ARS for being an exclusive made in the USA product. Your store can be linked to your social media accounts. Your products will also be featured on the ARS shop page…you get two areas for the price of none! Sign up today and start earning!

Frequently Asked Questions!

USA individuals and businesses that create and want to sell their USA-made authenticated products.

When you crossed minimum Withdrawal amount limit. You can submit request for withdrawal.

Go to American Robin Store Vendor Registration page.

Because it gives you the ability to sell your goods as authenticated to be genuine American-made quality. You have the ability to manage your own store and update it as often as you want and increase your bottom line.

Open Vendor Registration page and fill your personal information related to your store.

To become a vendor is absolutely free. It’s a flat 5% on any of your products sold on the ARS website.

After registration on American Robin Store, you can manage your seller account from Store Dashboard.

You have to open Store Dashboard, and their you can add or manage your products.

On Store Dashboard you have option to check reports of your store. In reports you will get your (Orders, Products, Earning) reports.

Products that are created outside of the United States of America. Some materials can be made outside if it is not available in the USA as in some garments.

For cancellations your must contact the American Robin Store at:

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